Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New (Old) Work on Wattpad!

Hey folks!

So I've finally posted my novel, Divine Intervention, in its entirety on Wattpad for your reading pleasure. Keep in mind, this was the second novel I ever wrote, but it was also the first to get some serious agent/editor attention. And while it never placed, I was proud of it just the same.

I billed DI as suburban fantasy--the love child of Percy Jackson and chick-lit with a Mesopotamian twist for YA readers. What a mouthful! But that pretty much sums it up. Hinging on my love for ancient mythology of all kinds, I wrote this to be a savvy, funny, and at times bawdy take on the gods and goddesses of old, a sort of diary of a teen demigoddess. I was informed by an agent later that this is called paranormal lite, and its frowned upon in YA. But it was a joy to write and I'm happy to be sharing it with the rest of the world finally. Intended to be the first in a series (aren't all YA?), the ending may leave you wanting more. And in truth, you may have to go hungry. I'd love to write a sequel, but realistically, I have more pressing work and very limited time. I have put it out there that if I reach 10,000 reads on Wattpad, I'll write and post a free sequel. That said, I am woefully short of my mark, so don't get your hopes up.

In any case, I hope you take some time to give it a skim and who knows ... maybe you'll get sucked into Sadi's world of covert lords and bitchy goddesses all rolled into the typical, and not-so-typical, drama of high school. Enjoy! (Click the cover image to link to it on Wattpad!)


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