I love to help fellow authors promote their books! I am always happy to review books within the Young Adult Fiction genre, and am open to any and all subgenres. I choose books to review based on whether or not they intrigue me. Because of time constraints, I cannot accept all requests for reviews. Please be aware, I am under no obligation to promote or review a book that I have received from an author or publisher.

All of my reviews are based solely on personal opinion. If I truly dislike a book I accept for review, then I will contact the author and suggest a feature or interview post instead. I do not post purely negative reviews because I recognize how subjective this industry is and I respect the hard work and dedication every author gives to their craft.  

I don't hold to a hard and fast rating system, but in order to sync up with Goodreads and Amazon, I will often refer to anything from a three to five star read. This is typically based on two key factors for me. What I call The Point of No Return, which can be defined as that place in a book where I suddenly realize I am not capable of putting it down and walking away. Also, what I refer to as Emotional Investment, which can be defined as my ability to connect emotionally and empathetically with the characters and their plight/plot. My favorite books are those where I am emotionally invested and reach the Point of No Return early on. Typically, the longer it takes me to care about the story, the lower the rating will be for me.

I am always up for hosting giveaways, interviews, features with goodies (a.k.a. book candy) like trailers and excerpts, and guest posts. If you are interested in scheduling any of the above, simply contact me via my "Contact" page on my website or try: anna@annasilverauthor.com

I receive absolutely no compensation for any reviews I give. I will try my best to post my reviews to Goodreads and Amazon as well. Giveaway winners are contacted via email by myself or the author/publisher. I prefer hard copies as my Kindle is ancient and persnickety.


  1. I would be interested in being featured, interviewed or reviewed. check me out on Twitter and see if you are interested in my Evolution Trilogy. Contact me via DM if you are, thanks, Vanessa :) xx

    1. Sorry Vanessa, I only just got this. It is always best to contact me via email!